Integrated Television Service


The Integrated Television Service (ITS) is a Limited Liability Company incorporated and registered with the Nigerian Communication Commission. It is the National Broadcast Signal Distribution (BSD) with the Objective of effectively providing Digital Television to not less than ninety five percent (95%) of the Nigerian populace via DTT using the DVBT-2 technology starting with Jos in April the 30th, 2016.
The ‘ITS’ is in business to sell capacity to both Content providers (Broadcasters) and viewers alike. These include the capacity to deliver uninterrupted services, robust and reliable packages in the form of TV services, EPG and in the future, broadband services, outdoor Digital Billboard advertising etc. We are in the business of ensuring that broadcasters never again worry about their Overheads in the form oflarge capacity generators, transmitters and reach. We will do that efficiently and effectively so that Content Providers can concentrate on giving you and I more better quality and compelling content.

We are assuring our clients a wide area of coverage, a larger Footprint in previously unreached areas. That Network availability is guaranteed and is in the four 9s, implying that down time is pretty minimal. Tariff shall be subject to regulatory guidelines and provisions.

The Freeview television services proposition at take-off is populated by seasoned qualitative broadcasts on varying genre. A bouquet of 30 programmes is promised by the NBC on the BSD platform. Digital TV Broadcast is usually thematic, that is, contents are usually presented with a specific theme and a targeted audience in mind. That is why there are specific programme channels say; Documentary, Music, Cartoons, Hardcore news, Movies, Comedy, etc. Channels targeted towards identified audiences.

‘ITS’ is offering its transmission medium to existing broadcasters and Content Providers. We are equally encouraging new players in the spirit of the new opportunities digital broadcast is throwing up (digital dividend) to come up with their ideas and live their dreams of being broadcasters on ITS.

The Freeview TV shall be available to all with or without subscription once you own one of the Set-Top Boxes as specified by the DigiTeam and designated by the NBC. However a token fee is expected to be paid annually as TV Digital Access fee (DAF).



As a player in the new digital environment we are saddled with responsibilities and obligation of:
* Providing quality delivery of broadcasting services as per contract between us and Broadcast Content Provider. SLA (Service Level Agreement)

* Ensuring a National coverage. A coverage area of 95% of the country’s land mass is envisaged

* Prioritizing underserved and underserviced areas

* ITS (BSD) will be takinginto account the different categories of broadcasting licenses and the nature and technical parameters of the services provided to each Broadcast Content Provider.

* Every other actor would have to be registered by NBC as broadcasters before their presence on the Signal distributor network can become valid.


* ITS – Integrated Television Service
* PAC – Presidential Action Committee
* DTT – Digital Terrestrial Television
* CA – Conditional Access
* SMS – Subscriber Message Services
* PSB – Public Service Broadcaster
* OTT – Over the Top Television
* BSD – Broadcast Signal Distributor
* BCP – Broadcast Content Provider
* SLA – Service Level Agreement